would you like to know how to make 
Delicious, simple & healthy
vegan food?

Find out how you can easily do it while saving time and helping the planet.

is your situation any of these?

let me try to guess...

you want to prevent diseases by staying as healthy as possible

you're worried about the planet & want to do something about it

you think that cooking vegan food is hard or time consuming

you love animals and want to stop animal exploitation & cruelty

you have little experience in cooking & are afraid of trying something new

you think it's not possible to hit your protein intake with plant sources

you think that vegan food is boring & bland

you're afraid of getting a nutrient deficiency by following a vegan diet

I totally feel you...

Five years ago, that was exactly me. And after doing a lot of research and trying different things in the kitchen I realized that following a vegan diet was actually one of the best things that ever happened to me.

I mean, if by following a diet based on plants I could prevent diseases, stay super healthy & energizedfight climate change by choosing not to eat animal products, help the animals, achieve my fitness goals while eating super delicious foods... well that was a no brainer!

That's why I created this digital cookbook...
to take your eating habits to another level!

This is the kind of cookbook that would have been very helpful when I didn't know how to eat vegan or how to make more fun and tasty meals.

I did a lot of tests to come up with these recipes. That's why today I want you to save all that time and take advantage of the knowledge that I share with you in these more than 40 recipes!

What's in this digital cookbook?

An interactive PDF file including:

I usually share these recipes in my face-to-face courses and certifications, but TODAY I want you to have them too

because I know that they will be very useful and will make you feel great.

You can download this cookbook on your cell phone, computer, tablet or even print it if it is better for you.

Oatmeal Pancakes
Black Bean Burger
Cauliflower Wings
Apple Pie

make easy & simple vegan food & blow yourself away with these healthy delights

just for today

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here are some comments from my students

I highly recommend the course! I loved it. Whether you know about cooking or not, Annie, her recipes, dishes, experience, etc. Everything is great!

The course helped me a lot knowing how to combine foods that I never imagined could work together! Ending up in super delicious recipes free from animal products!

Renata garcía

BSc in Nutrition

....What impressed me the most is the way in which Annie uses fruits and vegetables to make dishes that are super delicious with new textures and flavours that you're not expecting to taste. She knows the techniques very well and creates incredibly delicious vegan dishes.

diana herrejón

BSc in Culinary Arts

Annie's Course and Certification opened up the taste alternatives of vegan flavors. Whether you have this philosophy of life or not, plant-based cooking is a sustainable, cruelty-free and healthy alternative. The best you could do is to learn about it from Annie Bueno.

Laura sainz

BSc in Communication

The vegan cooking certification with Annie was a before and after in my life. I loved it! We cooked delicious meals and I have also modified my diet, now it is mostly plant-based. I highly recommend it! She is also a human being full of light who has so much to give to humanity. Thanks Annie.

Liliana reséndiz

BSc in Nutrition

now you can enjoy these recipes from the comfort of your own kitchen

Diplomado Cocina Vegana

learn how to make healthy, delicious & simple vegan food

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$17.99 USD



Vegan Cookbook

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